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Forthcoming from Columbia University Press, “Jews and the American Religious Landscape,” a look at how Jewish Americans have integrated into a Christian American society.

via Rebhun, “Jews and the American Religious Landscape” — CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM

Know when to let go!


Social Media Flip flop

In the middle of all this unrest going on right now in society I find it interesting that we are spewing Black Panther quotes and screaming about justice, peace and fuck the police all over social medias sources but in the same post button I see videos of fights (all races), twerking females and other variations of ignorance. Gotta love the double standards within the world. It’s okay to do it to ourselves but as soon as someone else does it, it’s a huge outrage.

So if we don’t care about ourselves then why should anyone else care? A real simple question right, but the answers will be complicated beyond belief. We have choices but what about those who don’t. Who referring to people in other countries (Middle East and Africa) who are fighting/being killed because of religion choices or people just invading their countries/homes because of what they want. And these things are happening because they can. Who will fight for them? Not us because we are too busy destroying ourselves with nonsense.

So why all the flip flop…..Is it because it’s the new hot topic and it appears to be the cool thing to do. Gotta stay with the times and hashtags. But where’s the consistency I guess with social media there isn’t any. Ignorance knows no race, age, sex, class, or occupation for that matter.

An article that’s good for the soul!


As people we seek approval or in the words that are easier to swallow we live, thrive and seek advice. We get it from friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers. Interestingly enough I find that you get better advice sometimes from strangers. Non-bias, they don’t know you, your ways, habits, weaknesses or strengths. No judgement what is so ever. The delivery/message seems to be more clear that way. I find a different kind of joy in it myself, receiving the advice or giving it.

 It’s funny how a person can give some advice according to someone’s need. Why is it that we are above our own words. Are our own words not good enough for us not to listen to. Thus thought made me giggle the other day thinking to myself. I just gave advice to someone else but it wasn’t my first thought. It wasn’t until I really sat and thought about my situation with me throwing myself a pity party that I thought about the advice I had originally gave. And how much it really fit myself. So, the question is why didn’t I think about it. Maybe it was because I was above my own thoughts and words or just maybe I didn’t think the advice was for me. Awkwardly enough I had to go out of myself to snap outta whatever was going on in my little world.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I take that as we can be open enough to listen or at least pretend to someone’s issues and give advice but not open enough to take it for ourselves. 

A good (short) read

This article was refreshing and stated exactly how I felt about this guy. He’s genius and loved seeing him at the grand opening of the Howard Theatre but the second go round he seemed to be way too commercial. And basically repeated the first show which so boring but none the least it’s still love!

That person

Causal thinking today I came to the thought that I am that person ( which can be a positive stigma or negative) When I say “that person” I’m that person that everyone knows that or out of a group of friends, that is religiously single but keeps well groomed and consistent company around.

The thought itself seems to be a little daunting. Being someone who unintentionally or intentionally who runs from relationships. Settling down just doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment (there’s nothing wrong with that right). In contradiction to that statement though I’m the type of person that will say yeah we may not be in a relationship but you will be here for the long term unless otherwise things just don’t seem to work out. I just simply don’t do well with part time (temporary) people. Be around for a purpose just not a place holder.

As I get older and pay more attention to the conversations that I have with friends/family they all say the same thing ” it’s not that you don’t get people of interest and mind you they all are very good looking. You just choose not _____________.” That just depends on the just of the conversation. Do I want to be that person that gets older and keeps good company but never actually have a relationship of my own. Always be about work, work and family.

I think I somewhat enjoy it but I don’t want to be “that person” in late 40’s so maybe it’s time for a slight change. But then that leads to a whole different topic of discussion whether or not one is comfortable with themselves and their ways. I guess that’s something to be left to think about.

A great read

How do feel about the views of women today? Do we bring these things on ourselves or does the world place then on us? Thoughts would be great


So lately I’ve been very pro natural and healthy! Key words natural and healthy!!!!!! Frankly I’m a little over seeing this super skinny girls with unnatural asses or even thick girls with unnatural asses! The rest of your body doesn’t fit the portion. Not saying I have the best body in the world but confidence, some gym time and good eating habits does the body good. Everyone is always a work in progress but #loveyourskin and not what social media images placed in your mind. Ladies lets get it together. Trynna keep up with all of this has us forgetting the basics. 💋


Free Your Mind

It’s been more than while since the last time that I’ve blogged and more than enough has happened since then. But if this is the start to the new year then it will be a tough one and nothing will come easy. Not saying that it has before.

One for sure thing that I have noticed is that as I get closer to ___( a lady never reveals her age) there are a couple of things that I don’t find entertaining and the patience for it grows thin. Prime example a person who isn’t confident enough within themselves so the only way for them to mask that is to dislike/talk shit about someone who is. Just because a person is extremely okay within their skin, has no problem showing maybe being a flirt or nice, why must the person be labeled all kinds of crazy things. You never know what that person faces internally that may not make them as confident as you think. Why waste the time and judge.

Next….why must we waste our time with this whole light/dark skin nonsense. A girl is just a girl no matter the complexion. Their attitude will be the same no matter what. So when will we see and understand that. I feel until then we can’t grow as race. So were gonna continue to date and prefer outside of it because of all these different social media stigmas that surround us.

I guess the real question/point I wish bestow upon the audience that reads this is… When will we learn to think for ourselves? Will we ever be able to? As the years going on I see the world going into the land of Hunger Games or Fahrenheit 411. It seems nothing original to me. The only thing that I believe should repeat itself is history(with a twist) and fashion.

Can we break free…..