Subjective Creativity

“Why try so hard to fit in when your destine to stand out!”

As a theatre major student one of the biggest fundamentals of the craft is writing. But most importantly creativity is a MUST in just about anything and everything in world. I’m taking a contemporary/ modern history of theatre class this semester with a new teacher; every week we have to a do an “analysis” on a play. The first one was on Henrik Isben’s “A Doll’s House” an interesting piece but the paper itself wasn’t the best paper I’ve ever done. But I still got a got a good grade and this was after she ripped the class to pieces on how bad we did and announced she some what graded on a curve. Which I don’t get how you grade on a curve for a writing assignment.

But any who she finally announced what she really wanted within the structure of these papers and so being the creative person I am I took that instruction/direction and ran with it. I thought that paper was 100 times better then to be told the first one was better and it’s not until now that I really think about it I wrote it in somewhat in a blog format but still kept it very formal for class!

Which now leaves the question of can anyone be creative with subjective limits placed around the creative process? Of course it’s good to have criticism because that’s how a person grows and betters themselves, but in this case it seems to be a fickle and not criticism especially when things are unclear and misunderstood from the beginning. I find it much easier to be creative when there’s objectives to meet and there’s a point or two to prove. And that’s why I found myself writing the second paper in more of a blog format but still addressing the things that needed to be met. For me it’s all about getting attention and point proven from how things are done and not why.



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