Thick & Thin

So as a female this is something that has bothered me but in the same breath that has blessed my everyday life and more than glad that I have it. This “it”‘that I speak about is my body(curves). And I love every inch of it and wouldn’t change it for the world of course there are some adjustments that I would make of course to make things better. You know the usual like longer legs and a smaller stomach. But sometimes I wonder are these the things that cross everyone’s mind and I’m almost sure that the topic of body image has everyone come across every Americans mind for a numerous different reasons. Some they want to be skinny because of what society says and others want to be thicker for the same reason.

But here’s the true question I ask; society as a whole are we never satisfied with body images? Either way thick or thin we aren’t happy and feel as though we aren’t keeping up with the body standards that “the world” place on us. Are the minds of the world free enough to accept what we have and walk confidently and comfortable about the earth to say take me as I am. I don’t think we are, that’s the reason why we kill ourselves to make sure that we fit in the worlds image and not OUR image!

Are you content with the body that was given to you?



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