Beautiful Monster

Is it possible for you(self) to destroy a monster society has created and placed upon you? Sure you can rise above these stigmas but in the back of the minds of some there will always be that daunting reminder of what you once were. When I say “monster” I’m referring to these title such as “the good guy/girl”, “the heartbreaker” and or any label that is given for that matter.

Could a person be these things but not intentionally? What if your actions are due to the situation. Or speaking for myself I know I’m not really a heartbreaker but the struggle of trying to prove otherwise has become more than overwhelming so it’s just easier to accept these roles. Like most people I don’t believe in doing anything half ass so I’m always willing to commit to the task at hand.

It gets a little tiring having to always try and be the good/bad guy, so we go through this internal process of picking the next label and go about reinventing ones self. Even that can be an annoying task. So can someone really break free of these society stigmas? I find it easier to stick to what you know and do it well. That way you aren’t know for being inconsistent. There’s nothing wrong with reinventing yourself but sometimes it’s best to upgrade yourself and make small changes. Especially to see if anyone notices.

It’s funny how society tends not to accept people for who they are but who they want them to be whether it’s good or bad. These types of judgements aren’t fair but you get in where you fit in.

It seems that no matter how bad or good a person is there’s something beautiful about them!



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