College life

I never truly understood how people complain about college life! When I “life” I mean being social, being in class full time and still possibly working so you can keep money in your pocket. I believe like anything else you do in life it’s all about time management and making the choice as to what is most important to you.

Being social during these years is very important I think. This is the time where you build good relationships, making connections for career goals and so forth. If you do the typical college life your in a dorm living with some for years and that’s a bond that can’t be replaced whether its good of bad.

But long story short I feel as though you can have all three. But they have to be equally important because I do it and have no real problem/issues. Sure there’s the question of lack of sleep but that’s normal for college students. Something’s have to give so that you are successful in life.


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