College Life (Updated)

I never truly understood how people complain about college life! When I refer to “life” I mean being social, being in class full time and still possibly working so you can keep money in your pocket. I believe like anything else you do in life it’s all about time management and making the choice as to what is most important to you. The way I see life is all you have is time but what you don’t have is time. So there’s no need in wasting time on something/someone that doesn’t help you grow, make money or have the same goals as you. Yes, this world can be very unforgiving and cut throat but I feel you need to be equally as unforgiving and cut throat if not more. I know sometimes you don’t have a choice in the situations that are given to us but you still make it work in your favor. College isn’t really about what you learn in books I think it’s about learning how to critically think your way through real life issues. Life can’t always be about the “I cants” you have to find time for family, friends, money and of course “you” time.

Being social during these years is very important I think. This is the time where you build good relationships, making connections for career goals and so forth. If you do the typical college life you’re in a dorm living with someone for years and that’s a bond that can’t be replaced whether its good or bad. I think one of the greatest experiences that a person can get while in school is to travel. One way is to become a part of a study abroad program for your major. These programs lets you go out of the country and study. Sometimes you get to live with a host family. That more than promotes socializing and even learn a different language depending on where you go. Some people even land jobs with these programs depending on the situation. I feel another good thing with college social life is the road trips that people take. I’ve taken a couple for road trips myself for homecoming at schools and other big events. There’s nothing like that experience sometimes it’s indescribable. With these road trips you meet friends of friends and that allows different networks/relationships to be set up. Those are memories that I will never forget and I think everyone should experience if time is willing to allow it. I think the next best experience that anyone could go through during college is joining a club or being a part of a fraternity/sorority. When that is done it’s like you’ve joined a family and that bond last forever. People take that very seriously and build intimate relationships through this. These are all great reasons why someone should be very adamant about being social while in school.

I could never truly understand the logic of I just want to party and not work or go to school. What exactly are you contributing or learning in that aspect of life. Of course there are people in this world that make money doing just that but I feel like that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. And how long could that possibly last for someone. Not everyone will be a “Diddy” and even him there was much work that went into that success. An equal balance of all never hurt anyone. It’s all apart of growing up.

Work is just as important when making a name/life for yourself while in college. A lot of times it’s not about where you went but the experience you have working in a certain craft. Also the way that you brand yourself and work ethic in getting the things that you want. But you also have to be willing to pay your dues. You won’t take an advance English class without taking English 101 first right. Being over qualified could be a problem as well. I feel a lot people will look for a person whose willing to learn, grow with a company and bring something that makes you unique. This is something that maybe found out in college.

But long story short I feel as though you can have all three. But they have to be equally important because I do it and have no real problem/issues. Sure there’s the question of lack of sleep but that’s normal for college students. Something’s have to give so that you are successful in life. Although with that my definition of successful maybe different than someone reading this blog.


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