I truly believe friends/the people you keep around are a true representation of you. As they say you’re the company you keep. If you’re miserable then hey you and your friends will be miserable together. And I have to say the people I keep around me are pretty much full of good vibes, hilarious, motivated, and just over all great. I love this about all of them. Hopefully these are all things that they love about mi as well (lol that was a me moment but were all allowed to have them.) The crazy thing is I have no problem cutting people out for not keeping up the standards that I set for them. I believe that’s fair if you’re not on the same note as mi when it comes to happiness, wealth and health then I don’t NEED you around bringing me down. If you’re uplifting or helping with growth then what good is a relationship at a stand steal.

Of course we all make mistakes and don’t always use the best judgement but that doesn’t mean I judge them or choose to kick them out of my life because of it. These types of mistakes are normally great for learning and growth and this is what you do with loved ones and friends and why not do it with them, you possibly may learn something about yourself in the process.

Words can’t truly explain how much I appreciate these relationships( even the ones that aren’t in tack as they once were) they’ve brought growth, happiness, wisdom, strength and love. The list could go on but that would take forever. I could even take the time and list every last one of these relationships but I would probably leave people out and I wouldn’t want to offend. This girl is beyond grateful for you guys lets keep the chuckles coming and may the good times roll!


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