Fire We Make…..

As human beings we are naturally born with the gift of making a choice. They can be hard or easy. We pick and choose the relationships that we want to build and make grow and the ones that want to throw away.

So why make the choice of making certain details within a relationships so difficult. Those little details are like fires, we get caught up in watching the flames and not getting burned by the choices that we make. So I guess the question is; why start things that we can’t finish or truly do not want? I know the eyes are bigger than the stomach but that can’t always be the case. If you know you don’t want to get burned from the choices we make then why make them in the first place. Is it to prove a point? If that’s a yes, then why not follow through with that choice and prove the point that needs to be made. Is it just it because you’re doing it just because you can? Then that’s even more fucked up. At the end of the day everyone gets hurt. Not saying that I’m in my feelings (although I secretly am) it gets very time consuming and annoying waiting on one to make their choices. Either just do it or let it go in peace. It’s very difficult to read between the lines when choices are to be made.

Not judging anyone’s choices or mines for that matter clearly the choices are made for a reason but as human beings we don’t necessarily think these choices through we are too quick to react instead of seeing the bigger picture. These choices we make yes they are selfishly about us(not all choices) but I don’t think we truly realize how much they affect the ones we love and others around us.

The fire we make



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