1. Sight
2. Touch
3. Taste
4. Smell
5. Hearing

The top five things that would drive a person crazy and leave the mind to wonder into the land of imagination. When one weakens one of the others if not all gets stronger to make up what’s lacking. Like a family taking a weakness and making it a strength. When all five things they control you could feel one extreme of emotions to the next.

If you had to choose one of the senses to depend on the most without the others what would it be. Really think about it. Sight could lead you blindly, to touch/feel is only restricted to the physical things, to taste is a short term situation, smell feels one with hope and doubt and hearing leads one to make quick judgement. Just give yourself to any and all situations openly and go as far as you can. Return with a different mind set and just maybe things will open up.

I’m going to leave my body, then lose mind.



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