A different view

In college it seems that all dynamics of life change; we begin to learn and shape who we are as people. I feel like in high school we feel/think as though we can live forever and just about everything is the end of the world. Things don’t seem as real; its not as a big deal. Dating in high school I don’t believe have as many social, political, racial, and religious aspects.
I can only really speak for myself but I know that these are some things that play into a factor of dating for me. Social is very important I enjoy a person who can go out with me and have fun and not feel awkward. But who doesn’t. There’s always something that attracts a person to someone. I don’t see myself dating a person who likes to sit at home and not be aware of the things that are going on socially around them. I’m not saying that the person needs to be on every social media site known to man but they should at less know what they are. We should be able to talk about the things that are going on around the world. I’ve been taught that the world is bigger than the neighborhood that we live in. The person necessarily doesn’t need to be religious but spiritual is very important. Having an understanding of one’s self is also a key factor. If you don’t understand yourself then how I do I expect you to understand me.
Politics don’t normally play a big role in my choice. But I do believe in what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. I really don’t choose to get in the matters of politics because I know how bitter and angry those conversations tend to go. Everyone has their own minds and can make their own choice for politics. Race is more than important for me. I was raised in a nicely blended family of Caribbean and American morals/heritage. People tend to say as you get older you base your life off the things that may have happened or what you have seen. I prefer to date men that are of a Caribbean heritage and not Americans. I’m not saying that nationality is a deal breaker but it heavily weighs in my choice of dating.
I feel like when were younger dating habits were beginning to shape and we were old enough to know what we liked. But that doesn’t really mean that they were the best choices. Of course we want someone who is the big man/girl on campus, plays a sport, very attractive and the president of this or that club. But the real question how much of that really comes into play now while dating in college? Do we choose to date someone who doesn’t go to our school or not in college at all? Whether they graduated or just not in school. I think if you date someone who is in school/college with you they have a great deal and understanding of the time and effort that goes into being successful and finishing school. I think with dating while in school there is a huge time factor that comes into play. You have to take time out for studying, being social, family and everything else.
So I think after a while all of these things tend to stress and it is all up to the person whether or not they can deal with this kind of stress. Dating for me isn’t really a big to do so I feel as though I can pass on it. I think being social and doing the school work is enough for me.

Within the group of friends I have we talk about the different kind of males that are in our lives; I’ve noticed not many of them are in school. Most of them have already graduated and seem to be content with where they are. Others choose not to go to school and make it work. But with that they really don’t understand being in school full time and working full time and time management. So the relationship tends not to last as long as it could for whatever reason.

I always enjoy having these kind of topic conversations with people to get different views on such things. Hopefully this sheds some light from a female’s view.


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