Literary Awareness

When I first saw the Hunger Games I was somewhat insulted with what I saw. The first thing that came to mind was the struggle within other countries where people have to fight everyday just to survive. My first thought was how dare we take a topic so serious and use it lightly for entertainment purposes? But in the same thought process I truly can say that I really enjoyed an intense, beautiful, strong but yet still sensitive storyline.

I find it quite important that entertainment should do more than entertain. I hope that everyone who saw and enjoyed the story can/could see that we have it pretty good here in the states. The article link is great read but brings up a very interesting point about race and the stereotypes that we place on the others surrounded us. Yes, we may not have some the same issues that others face throughout the world but will not be able to grow as a country/nation until we get out of our own ways with such small and close minded thinking. Why should race matter when it comes to a literary character. We should be able to take such to take such greatness and enjoy it without having to worry about everything else going on around us. Get lost in the story and the beauty that is giving to us.


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