That person

Causal thinking today I came to the thought that I am that person ( which can be a positive stigma or negative) When I say “that person” I’m that person that everyone knows that or out of a group of friends, that is religiously single but keeps well groomed and consistent company around.

The thought itself seems to be a little daunting. Being someone who unintentionally or intentionally who runs from relationships. Settling down just doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment (there’s nothing wrong with that right). In contradiction to that statement though I’m the type of person that will say yeah we may not be in a relationship but you will be here for the long term unless otherwise things just don’t seem to work out. I just simply don’t do well with part time (temporary) people. Be around for a purpose just not a place holder.

As I get older and pay more attention to the conversations that I have with friends/family they all say the same thing ” it’s not that you don’t get people of interest and mind you they all are very good looking. You just choose not _____________.” That just depends on the just of the conversation. Do I want to be that person that gets older and keeps good company but never actually have a relationship of my own. Always be about work, work and family.

I think I somewhat enjoy it but I don’t want to be “that person” in late 40’s so maybe it’s time for a slight change. But then that leads to a whole different topic of discussion whether or not one is comfortable with themselves and their ways. I guess that’s something to be left to think about.


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