Social Media Flip flop

In the middle of all this unrest going on right now in society I find it interesting that we are spewing Black Panther quotes and screaming about justice, peace and fuck the police all over social medias sources but in the same post button I see videos of fights (all races), twerking females and other variations of ignorance. Gotta love the double standards within the world. It’s okay to do it to ourselves but as soon as someone else does it, it’s a huge outrage.

So if we don’t care about ourselves then why should anyone else care? A real simple question right, but the answers will be complicated beyond belief. We have choices but what about those who don’t. Who referring to people in other countries (Middle East and Africa) who are fighting/being killed because of religion choices or people just invading their countries/homes because of what they want. And these things are happening because they can. Who will fight for them? Not us because we are too busy destroying ourselves with nonsense.

So why all the flip flop…..Is it because it’s the new hot topic and it appears to be the cool thing to do. Gotta stay with the times and hashtags. But where’s the consistency I guess with social media there isn’t any. Ignorance knows no race, age, sex, class, or occupation for that matter.


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