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How do feel about the views of women today? Do we bring these things on ourselves or does the world place then on us? Thoughts would be greathttp://feministcurrent.com/8857/feminism-is-the-new-misogyny-on-belle-knox-feminism-and-the-new-backlash/.



So lately I’ve been very pro natural and healthy! Key words natural and healthy!!!!!! Frankly I’m a little over seeing this super skinny girls with unnatural asses or even thick girls with unnatural asses! The rest of your body doesn’t fit the portion. Not saying I have the best body in the world but confidence, some gym time and good eating habits does the body good. Everyone is always a work in progress but #loveyourskin and not what social media images placed in your mind. Ladies lets get it together. Trynna keep up with all of this has us forgetting the basics. 💋


Free Your Mind

It’s been more than while since the last time that I’ve blogged and more than enough has happened since then. But if this is the start to the new year then it will be a tough one and nothing will come easy. Not saying that it has before.

One for sure thing that I have noticed is that as I get closer to ___( a lady never reveals her age) there are a couple of things that I don’t find entertaining and the patience for it grows thin. Prime example a person who isn’t confident enough within themselves so the only way for them to mask that is to dislike/talk shit about someone who is. Just because a person is extremely okay within their skin, has no problem showing maybe being a flirt or nice, why must the person be labeled all kinds of crazy things. You never know what that person faces internally that may not make them as confident as you think. Why waste the time and judge.

Next….why must we waste our time with this whole light/dark skin nonsense. A girl is just a girl no matter the complexion. Their attitude will be the same no matter what. So when will we see and understand that. I feel until then we can’t grow as race. So were gonna continue to date and prefer outside of it because of all these different social media stigmas that surround us.

I guess the real question/point I wish bestow upon the audience that reads this is… When will we learn to think for ourselves? Will we ever be able to? As the years going on I see the world going into the land of Hunger Games or Fahrenheit 411. It seems nothing original to me. The only thing that I believe should repeat itself is history(with a twist) and fashion.

Can we break free…..


Regret: a feeling of sadness, repentance or disappointment over something that has happened or be done. 


Revelation: a surprising and previously unknown fact esp one that is made known in a dramatic way. 


Realization: an act of becoming fully aware of something as fact. 


Something’s just have to be damned for them to work out. And interestingly enough I don’t really see a problem with that. We all have those people, situations, feelings, conversations that we may not agree with after they are born into the world. But once they are done then it is up to the individual to either mold them into life choices that we can live or look back at them chuckle, learn from and then keep going with the unforeseen details of life. A simple message for 2014 no need for resolutions just do it and enjoy yourself and the life that is given to you. As we grow and learn lets make better selves out of ourselves.

Standing together/alone


This article has me questioning women as whole. Why must things be so difficult between us. We can never just be happy for each other. Outdoing each for money, family,friends and love etc. We can make it if we stand alone but we’d make it even longer/ farther if we stood together.



I just read this article and I have to ask this question: Since when does a personal become offensive. A person is attracted to who they naturally attracted to? But the real question is when is enough enough?

<a href="http://I've http://www.gmfa.org.uk/Sites/fsmagazine/pages/fs133-sexual-racism“>I’ve http://www.gmfa.org.uk/Sites/fsmagazine/pages/fs133-sexual-racism

Whitewashed TV isn’t Just Racist, It’s Boring!

This blog is perfection. Games of Thrones is a show that I love and I appreciate the fact that they show so much strength in women. That’s shush it’s based around and I love it.

The Nerds of Color

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Perpetuating stereotypes isn’t just immoral — it’s bad TV. That’s why shows like Sleepy Hollow are so crucial.

When I was seven, I asked my mom if I could dye my hair blond and get blue contact lenses. It’s probably the first serious conversation I ever had about my appearance and all I wanted to do was look like Luke Skywalker. I wanted it so badly. She was appalled and I couldn’t understand why. Star Wars was Everything. There were no Latinos running through the halls of the Death Star, blasting storm troopers. Of course I was caught up.

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