Single Hope(ful)less Romantic


So I as I sit and reflect on this pretty much emotionally shitty day and fully realize and get that something’s are truly out of my control and sadly pleasing everyone just can’t be the business that I remain in. I do my best to make sure pleasing everyone and making sure that everyone is beyond good is one of my many talents and could be a blessing but it’s a curse all in the same. Which is pretty much fucked up but what can one do? Well making it about oneself from time to time can be a huge help. Knowing the issue is half the battle. And it’s all okay.

I know I probably shouldn’t base things off the things that I see around me but sometimes it’s hard not to. What I see may not be the situation at all. Everyone is different and to each it’s own. All I can do is be extremely patient but when is too long too long. Patience is supposedly a virtue but waiting doesn’t get you everything. You’ve got to curve faith and fate.

I’m okay with this world that I choose of being extra caring and taking of everyone. And yes it hurts that I don’t always feel as appreciated and I don’t get all the perks. But when is it my turn? Will I ever get a turn to be catered to. I want someone whose going to give me their all with no questions asked.

This leads me to the next question. What about the people who are supposedly “great” for you but you’re blinded by the search of getting Mr/Ms Charming? Then at that point I feel like in the world of karma you are left with nothing because according to some you are being greedy.

⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️that statement leads to a whole different blog within itself. And I feel as though I should cut it short before this goes on forever. But I will leave on this note: Oh cruel world why are we faced with all these emotions and the ones are meant to make us feel great leave us bitter and cold!


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